Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Cure To Illness Is You

As of the year 2012 we are considered to be at the most advanced point in human history. At no time in our existence are we said to have had the technology that we possess today. The sciences are developing new theories daily as new entities are discovered in the universe. Progress in technology amazes us daily as we are introduced to new gadgets, with each subsequent version being smaller and more powerful than the last. Yet, in spite of these amazing advances, one thing seems not to be advancing, our health. Have you ever wondered why? If we are making all these advances in other fields, would you not expect advances to be made in the health industry?
As of this very moment, cancer has never been so prevalent amongst humanity. More and more people are dying of it every year, and that is not just because the population is increasing. More people are dying of the flu, but we are meant to have the best and most advanced vaccinations ever created. We seem to be advancing in other areas but are going backwards in health and medicine, why is that? "The cure is out there" the experts tell us, "we just haven't found it yet". The truth is, they will never find it, because the cure to illness is not outside of us, it is within us.
This is the missing link and is the reason why current medicine is making no real progress. Most people are taught from a very young age that colds are caught from others, that viruses are transferred from one person to the next and that certain illnesses are genetic. It is commonly thought that cancer and other life threatening illnesses are just random and there is currently no explanation as to why some people live through it and why some don't. In the eyes of most, illness is just random, and when one is afflicted with it they ask, "why me?" What a different world it would be if we all understood that we are not only the cause of our illnesses, but we are also the cure.
Admittedly, this can be a bit hard to swallow for most of us. The first impulse is to either reject it, or to jump on your own back and ask in despair, "So you mean it's my fault?" Firstly, it is not about fault. We live in a universe of perfect order where nothing is random. Every effect has a cause, and there is not an effect without a cause. Illness is always an effect, it is never the cause. There is always an underlying cause to any illness, which is what is currently missing from current medicine. Illness is only a symptom; it is not the cause itself. Illness is like the oil light on your car dashboard, it lights up to let you know that something is wrong in the engine; it is not the cause itself.
Current medical treatment can be compared to pulling out the fuse on the oil light, so that it can't be seen anymore. It does not deal with the real cause, which exists somewhere else. Current medicine alleviates the symptoms for a while, but it does not cure the cause. For some it may seem as healing has taken place, but it will always come back as the same thing or something else. We cannot cure something physical with something physical, as that is trying to cure effect with effect. We can only cure effect by being at cause.
You see, the mental and emotional levels are the level of CAUSE, whereas the physical level is only the level of EFFECT. Nothing physical is the cause of a physical effect. In other words, contrary to popular belief, nothing outside us (physical) can make us sick. Most people catch colds because of their belief in catching a cold. Do away with the belief (mental) and you do away with the illness (physical). This is how it works, always and in all ways.
The body acts as medium for the mental and emotional levels to express themselves. The physical level does not create anything; it merely reflects that which is created on the deeper levels. The problem is most of us are not aware of our thoughts and emotions. This is where illness comes in, as illness is our (physical) bodies attempt at helping us become aware of these underlying thoughts and emotions. Illness is a tap on the shoulder from the body, letting us know something is unbalanced within us.
When we are balanced and whole within, we are balanced and healthy without. In other words, when we perceive the world with a balanced perspective, we receive no feedback in our bodies. Conversely, when we have an unbalanced perspective, we receive feedback to let us know that we are no longer balanced and acting out of love. Again, this is because most of us are unconscious of what is going on within. In one way, illness is a tool to wake us up, to help us become conscious of our unconscious thoughts and emotions.
This is why being at the effect level does not get us anywhere. Until we realise and accept that we are both the cause and the cure, we will not make any real progress in medicine. All illness is actually a blessing, it is there to serve us and move us forward in life. In reality, illness is 100% positive in its intent and purpose. We can only see it as this once we move from the EFFECT level to the CAUSE level.
There is no cure outside us that we need; every cure to every illness exists within us already. The question is, are YOU ready to accept this? Is it time for you to move from effect to cause in your life? Living at effect gets us nowhere, being at cause gets us everywhere. Everything in life is either an expression of love, or a call to love. All illness is a call to love, are you ready to heed that call?

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